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NOTE: Pitching Me

If you’re interested in pitching me for potential coverage at Food & Wine, here is some quick info that will help you determine whether I’m the right person to pitch to. 

I write news, lists, short food histories, and features, but regardless of format, I predominantly cover the intersection of food, drinks, and pop culture, whether that’s in hotels, restaurants, and bars or in TV, music and books. Visit my bylines page and you’ll see coverage of hotels, restaurants, bars, food companies/brands, coffee/candy shops, and more integrating pop and internet culture (TV, film, books, music, art, comics, fashion, theater, podcasts, memes) into their products and services. But I’m also looking for coverage in the reverse: I want to interview musicians, actors and writers about the role food plays in their art and their lives. Occasionally, I’ll do trend pieces on things like the new color of the year or weird holidays (e.g. Ugly Sweater Day), but again mostly what I am looking for is coverage that we can come at from a pop-culture bend.